Create Your First Team Radar

Step by step instruction how to create a radar for external monitoring and business intelligence.
Create a new radar
  1. Log in to Business Radar and go to the Team room
  2. Click   in the submenu in the top right corner to select how to create a new radar.
  3. Select 'New empty radar...'
Name your radar

A popup widow is shown for you to enter the name of the new radar. You also see the names of already existing team radars.

  1. Enter the name of the new radar and click OK.
Your new radar

The Radar page is opened with an empty radar with standard settings.
First step is now to decide what sectors ('pie slices') and spans (the x-axis) should define the radar, and also what colors and symbols echoes can have.

  1. Click the padlock () in the radar menu to unlock the radar settings.
Settings unlocked

Now the radar is shown in settings mode. This is indicated by the unlocked padlock in the radar menu ()

Through the settings menu following settings are available:

Terminology - to change vital terms and names used to describe the radar. For example the terms used to describe what "echoes", "spans" and "sectors" are representing".
Layout - opens a pop-up window for detail adjustments of the the radar layout.
Views - opens a new window where you can create and modify different views of the radar. Through "Views" you can for example change what parts of the radar is available for updates - this is an awesomefeature when you plan workshops with many participants.
Advanced - opens a new window where you can change the structure of the radar. For example add, remove and change order of spans, sectors, colors and symbols. You can also change namings, colors and symbols to be used.

Several settings can also be applied directly on the radar when the settings mode has been opened (padlock open), as described below.

Change name of sector
  1. Klick a sector to edit its naming in the pop-up shown.
Change name of span
  1. Click a span (to the right at the bottom) to edit its naming directly.
Change naming of colors
  1. Click the naming of colors (after "Colors =" in the Legend) to change the naming directly.
    In this case the colors shall represent the impact on the (own) business.
Change name of color
  1. Click the name of a color to change it directly.
Byt färg
  1. Click a color ("blob") to change a color.
Change name of symbol
  1. Click the name of a symbol to change it directly
Change symbol
  1. Click a symbol to change it by selecting one in the drob-down.
CHange namings of spans and sectors
  1. Click on the namings of Spans and Sectors to chenge them directly.
Change sizes of sectors and spans

When the radar is unlocked for settings you can easily change the sizes of spans and sectors.
Do this by dragging the round handles placed at the outer intersections of sectors and spans.

Lock he radar

When you are satisfied with your settings, you lock the radar again.

  1. Click the open padlock ().
Now the radar is shown in "normal" mode (padlock closed) with its new appearance and it is ready to use!

Create a new echo

Test your new radar by adding a new echo.

  1. Click "Archive" in the radar menu.
  2. Select "New echo..."
Apply settings to the new echo
  1. Edit the attributes of the new echo and select echo-color, -symbol, -span and -sector to see that your settings works.
  2. When done, click Save
Your new echo is live and kicking

When the echo has been saved you can see it placed on the radar within the span and sector you selected.
If you need to adjust the position of the echo on the radar, simply drag it into the position you like.