Business Radar

Your business teams' smartest collaboration tool to identify, visualize and provide actionables on trends and events impacting Your business.

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This is Business Radar

iPhone - collect data

Collect observations

Before you meet, let your team collect and report important observations. They use their phones, tablets or laptops to enter the information.

iPad vote


In your workshop you elaborate and discuss reported observations and collectively gather more observations. You conduct votings to isolate and prioritize what really is important for you.

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Business Radar

After a few workshops you have an actionable Business Radar for your team to gide your work and put focus on what is important for yor organization.

Instant data capture. Anywhere, any time, any device.

Business Radar is an on-line tool available over Internet on any modern browser on any device. No installation needed.


Shared, on-line canvas. Work simulanously on your Business Radar.

Business Radar is created for collaboration. You and your team works simultanously on your radar, and any updates are immediately propagated to every one in the team.

Advanced voting. Use the broad palette of votings to refine yor Business Radar.

Voting is an important part of any workshop. Business Radar in equipped with many sorts of votings you might want to use. Score, Stars, Like, distribute 'pins', ...

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